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How do you address the Global Refugee Crisis? For us, we start one face at a time.

The United Nations calls the Global Refugee Crisis the “greatest humanitarian crisis of our time”.  Over 70 million people have been forced to flee their homes due to conflict or persecution. That’s 1 person every two seconds.

Every. Two. Seconds.

The Power of Faces portrait project intentionally crops out the context of refugee camps to focus on individuals, and not merely their label as “refugees”.

Most displaced people lost their treasured family photos (and many other possessions) when they fled their homes. Having a physical photo of family or friends to hold in one’s hands can be a great comfort in times of need, so we are bringing photo printers into refugee camps. To date, we have distributed thousands of portraits for individuals to keep.

Our intention is to bring this portrait project to other refugee camps around the world and continue giving proper portraits to displaced individuals.

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Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders have collaborated successfully on numerous documentary photography projects over the last 20 years. Huang+Menders' collaborative work as documentary photographers is included in the permanent collections of numerous fine art museums and historic institutions across the US, including the International Center of Photography, the New York Historical Society, the Museum of the City of New York, Museum of Chinese in America, the New York City Fire Museum, the Smithsonian and other cultural institutions.

Their photography has been exhibited by several museums including the New York Historical Society, Museum of Chinese in America, and group shows including the Museum of Modern Art, Here is New York and traveling exhibitions across the US.


Daniel and Theresa have collaborated on a broad range of issues, with a long-term focus on women’s and children’s issues and the alleviation of poverty locally and around the world. They have covered these and other current topics in the Republic of Vanuatu, Haiti, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, India, China, and Greece. Their current work is heavily focused on the Global Refugee Crisis.

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