Nov 16, 2021: Beacon - Practical Cyber Security Talk

Updated: May 9

The need for individuals to take proactive steps for personal cyber security is more important than ever. In this talk, Daniel Farber Huang, author of "Practical Cyber Security for Extremely Busy People," will outline immediate, actionable steps you can take to protect yourself, those you care about, and your career from cyber threats and online exploitation.

Important topics to cover include:

  • Tried and true scams

  • Online self-defense

  • Protecting teens and children

  • Job searches and career tools


Daniel Farber Huang is a strategic consultant on cyber security and other risk issues to companies ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations. He has worked closely with numerous federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies across the U.S. on providing solutions to their technology requirements. Huang is also a journalist and documentary photographer focused on women's and children's issue and the alleviation of poverty around the world. As an independent humanitarian advocate, he has documented refugee camps around the world, and has actively raised awareness through multiple talks on and other platforms. Huang earned his Master's degree in Journalism and a Certificate in International Security from Harvard University, an M.B.A. from The Wharton School in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management, and a B.A. from New York University in Economics.