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"In Our Eyes" music video by James Horan

Music and Lyrics by James Horan

October 18, 2019

Music and Lyrics: James Horan

Vocalist: Tracey Lynne Haskell, Jeffrey King

Instrumental And Vocal Arrangements: James Horan

Recorded And Mixed: Edward Kessel / Sound Imagination

Photographs and Video from

“The Power of Faces: Looking at the Global Refugee Crisis”

Created by Daniel Farber Huang and Theresa Menders

Bangladesh 2019 Team

Kutupalong Balukhali Expansion Site Refugee Camps

Tahmina Sonia Akter

Mohammed Salim

Mexico 2018 Team

Barretal Refugee Camp

Alexander Huang

Celeste Huang

Greece 2018 Team

Vial Refugee Camp

Alexander Huang

Celeste Huang

Quincy Huang

Nina Garcia Wright

Sanjana Kowshik

Lavanya Narishma Murthy

Greece 2017 Team

Souda and Vial Refugee Camps

Ratha Lehall - Production Manager

MK - Translator


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