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Museum of the City of New York - Timescapes Installation

Museum of the City of New York

On-going video installation from 2015 to present

It is a privilege to have our Tribute of Light photograph included in the Museum of the City of New York's on-going video installation, screened daily in the museum. This image was taken in 2002, when the Tribute of Light was first installed to commemorate the World Trade Center. This image was taken from across the Hudson River in Newport, New Jersey.

How do you fit the Big Apple onto the small screen? Timescapes, the Museum’s award-winning short documentary, explores how New York City grew from a settlement of a few hundred Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans into the metropolis we know today and features animated maps and archival photographs, prints, and paintings from the Museum’s collections. Now expanded and updated, the film's final chapter captures the astonishing – if sometimes challenging – transformations the city has experienced in the first decades of the 21st century.

Watch the history of New York City unfold in this 28-minute film, with showtimes every 40 minutes starting at 10:20 am.


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