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Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference - NOWHERE TO HIDE Talk: July 22, 2021

Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference

July 22, 2021

NOWHERE TO HIDE reviews the FBI’s investigative techniques – some using cutting-edge technology and others using old-fashioned, knocking-on-doors detective work – used to pursue the hundreds of thousands of leads received from the general public. This presentation is filled with real-world case studies, specific resources and practical techniques to equip both beginner and seasoned OSINT investigators with the right tools for their OSINT toolboxes.

Numerous case studies will analyze the FBI’s investigations of suspects, including the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by law enforcement, the media, and public sleuths to track down, identify, and – most importantly – verify the identities of suspected rioters. Learn how the FBI sifted through hundreds of thousands of leads, false positives, dead ends, as well as numerous unexpected leads to perform their investigations.

Effective OSINT research requires a combination of technical knowledge to find the Who, What, When, Where, and How threads of data and information as well as taking into account unpredictable human nature (the Why). OSINT is both science and art. NOWHERE TO HIDE provides practical, actionable information to help both novice and expert investigators, researchers, advocates, and journalists navigate and penetrate OSINT resources to find the information and evidence they seek. SHOW LESS


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